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It's a little hard to specify EXACT prices here, because it all depends on exactly what you want to do, what assets you need creating, (perhaps some custom images...), the complexity of what you are trying to do and so on. Here though are some indicative costs:

Approximately £250-£300 ($380-$460)

  • 60-90 second "basic" PowToon Studio or Videoscribe project
  • Access to all PowToon styles and some Videoscribe SVG Studio images
  • Access to all available PowToon music styles
  • Assistance with scripting/storyboarding if required
  • Standard British voiceover from Animated Courses Guru, (me!)

Additional costs that need to be factored into a project:

  • Addition of cartoon sound effects, (involves creating a multi-track .mp3 file)
  • Any extra custom illustrations that need to be created
  • Insertion of existing/3rd party voiceovers, (as I often need to edit them in order to make them fit the project).

Larger/longer/more complicated projects:

  • Click here for a 4-minute PowToon - a "microcourse"
  • These can typically take 2-4 days to put together, so an indicative price would be £350-£600/$500-$1000
  • Any project management and pre-production meetings, calls etc. would be factored into these costs, at a cost of £50/$75 per hour or part thereof.


  1. All prices are indicative and approximate only, and may be subject to haggling once we've scoped your requirement.
  2. Payments from the UK will attract an additional 20% VAT
  3. I will never knowingly use unlicensed or copyrighted material in my products, even if the content is "...just for fun", or "...just for internal use". Frankly, it's just not worth the risk to my reputation and/or bank balance. Please don't ask me to, it tend to make me a bit grumpy.